Whatís up with this, you might ask?Well to start with, I have wanted my own web site for quit some time now.But until here recently, it has been kind of a mystery to me on just how to obtain a domain name and publish a web page.††† Most ISPís will let you post a web site on their server as part of their service fee.But your siteís name is most always tagged at the end of their domain name.†† Me, I had to have my very own dot COM.I guess itís because Iím somewhat of a purist and like to run my own show.

Anyway, after finding some time to explore the possibilities of my own site, I discovered that it aint as hard as I thought it would be.After running a search on my name to see if it was available, I found that it had already been taken.Dot NET, dot ORG or any other dot was not going to be acceptable to me.So after thinking about it a while, I put a hyphen on both sides of my middle initial and voila.David-M-Stewart.com became my domain name.†† I even think it looks better than all of the letters of my name run together.(A little poetry here if you donít mind!)At a cost of$35.00 to register my domain for a year, I was well on my way.

Now, seeing as how my financial situation is on an indigent level, I had to find some cheep hosting.This is where it pays to do a little shopping around.My local ISP wanted to charge $25.00 a month to host my site.Well I could hardly stand that.So I did a little host search hoping to see what kind of deal I could get.My efforts paid off.I wont give away all my secrets but I will tell you that the hosting for this site is only costing $3.95 a month with a $10.00 one-time setup fee.I must say that so far I am well pleased with their service.